Congress Fees

All attendees, except for invited speakers, organizers, and members of the SIEPM board, must pay a Congress registration fee. Only SIEPM members can present papers at the Congress and scholars who are not yet members or which to rejoin the SIEPM can apply before the deadline given in call for papers.

Check here information about membership:

Estimates rates for the registration fee:
Category 1: Eastern Europe or other low currency countries: students and scholars without permanent/tenured positions, 30 euros
Category 2: Eastern Europe or other low currency countries: researchers and professors with permanent/tenured positions, 50 euros
Category 3: Students (MA, PhD) and scholars without permanent/tenured positions: 60 euros
Category 4: Tenured researchers and professors: 100 euros

The revenue collected from the fees will be used to cover some of the expenses for the organization of the Congress. The fees will be paid directly to the association that is in charge of managing the Congress (Association SIEPM2022 Paris: